BLACK+DECKER LD120VA Drill/Driver Review with 30 Accessories

When it comes to power tools, you can’t ignore the extraordinary power and performance of the Black and Decker’s products. Among other brilliant combinations of cordless drills, is the Black and Decker LD120VA.

Considering the price of the drill-driver, it is among the most reasonable and affordable drills in the market today. It’s energy-efficient, user-friendly, easy and comfortable to use, compact, and reliable enough to handle multiple home-based tasks. Read on to find out more about the incredible power of the LD120VA driver.

What’s the price?


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Great battery life
  • Comes with 30 accessories
  • Powerful


  • Appropriate for basic duties only


Lightweight And Compact

The drill-driver is lightweight and yet compact weighing approximately 3.97 pounds and has product descriptions of 8.9 x 4 x 7.8 inches. You can, therefore, work in all angles including overhead spaces, cramped areas, and awkward angles.

Additionally, you can comfortably drill through walls or furniture without straining. The LD120VA features a ⅜ inch chunk which is handy to allow easy and quick bit replacements. It also features a soft-grip handle for added support and comfort during use.

20V Lithium-Ion Battery

The driver is also fitted with a 20v Lithium Ion battery that has the potential to hold charges for up to 18 months. This means that if you charge this battery and store it, once you need it, you can still be able to use it after about 500 days.

The Lithium Ion battery also recharges quite quickly and efficiently making it holds power for a deal longer. This battery is also quite powerful, and it’s able to deliver extreme force that’s needed to drill. If not in use, simply detach the batteries and store them in the charging dock in order to keep them ready for future drilling tasks.

The only problem with the LD120VA drill is that it needs an additional battery so that when the charge depletes, work doesn’t have to stop for recharging.


Black and Decker LD120VA drill has the potential to apply and drill up to 3-inch screws very easily. You also have the power to vary or adjust its drilling speed when performing specific tasks. Speed ranges vary from 0 to 750 Revolutions per minute. Therefore, adjust the drilling speed depending on the surface or tasks being performed.

Additionally, it’s small-sized compared to other full-size drills what makes it easier and comfortable to work with especially in limited spaces. The 3/8-inch chuck is also extremely flexible for driving and drilling tasks. The drill is also appealing and works beautifully on the many surfaces including plastic, wood, and metal materials among others.

LED Lighting

The Black and Decker LD120VA is also fitted with LED lighting that provides enough light in the drilling bit. Though this feature is common in most drills, these lights are designed using top-quality tools making them useful to use in tight and dark areas.

30 Accessories

The drill kit comes with 30 accessories including drill bits, hex heads, screws drivers bits, string edger, sweeper, pole hedge trimmer, cultivator, chain saw, powered lopper, drills, nut drivers, magnetic bit tip holder, pole pruning saw, and a hedge trimmer among others.

This means that you have more than enough tools needed for almost 90% of all your tasks at your home or in the garden. Additionally, it saves you money and time required to gather and collect these items.


Considering the overall online reviews in major stores such as Amazon, there is entirely no doubt that the driver gives you plenty of value for your money. Over 1,000 buyers have reviewed this drive where approximately 68% of them completely amazed with its features.

Additionally, the LD120VA drill comes with a 2-year warranty, so your peace of mind is fully guaranteed. Although there are other devices with more advanced features and technology, at such an affordable price, the LD120VA drill is fitted with all the essential elements needed for all your home-based tasks.

 So if you are looking for a good, sturdy, yet a reasonably cordless drill, look no more because the Black and Decker LD120VA has it all.

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  • Soft-grip handle
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 30 accessories
  • Magnetic bit tip holder
  • 20-Volt

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