BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Review. 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill – Driver

Black and Decker LDX120C is a powerful drill and driver that is ideal for home improvement tasks. Despite the fact that it is made by the well-regarded Black and Decker Corporation, it is not very expensive. Thus, it is very evidently pocket-friendly.

What’s the price?

The drill is good enough for drilling into different types of materials including wood, plastic, and even metal.

It can also be used for screw-driving tasks.

Perhaps the most unique thing about this Black and Decker LDX120C drill is its 11 position torque control. In other words, it has eleven different twisting powers. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of home improvement tasks.

The other unique thing is its design; it is designed to be used by both men and women. I say this because it is small and easy to maneuver for both sexes even when set to maximum torque. Its small size also makes it easy to work with even in tight spaces.

It is also a very safe drill that will only activate when significant pressure is applied to the trigger.

About The Manufacturer

The Black and Decker Corporation is a multibillion dollar American manufacturer of power tools and accessories. The company is a leader in the power tools industry and has been around since 1910. It is best known for making quality and innovative products, and holds patents for dozens of unique features and functions only found on its tools. It is headquartered Towson, Maryland.

Key Features

  • Strong, powerful, and cordless
  • Powered by a powerful 20 volt lithium ion battery
  • Offers brilliant control when screwdriving or drilling into plastic, metal, or wood
  • Compact and lightweight (3.3 pounds) design for less fatigue
  • Offers variable drilling speeds
  • LED work light for easier drilling in dark spaces
  • Comes with a two-year warranty (fantastic for a power tool)
  • Certified frustration-free


The LDX120C is one of the best cordless drills on the market. First off, at 3.3 pounds the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C drill and driver is one of the lightest drills in its class.Maneuvering it in tight angles or for extended durations will not cause any fatigue.

Despite its small size, the LDX120C conveys reliable torque and power that will allow you to quickly accomplish most drilling and screwdriving tasks. With a maximum of 650 RPM and 115 inch per pound of torque, you can be confident of getting through most materials in double quick time.

The drill’s main selling point is its durable and reliable battery. The lithium ion battery can store charge for up to 18 months if left unused. This guarantees users of readily available power anytime they need it. And it only takes one to two hours to fully charge the battery and get the drill ready for work. No need to wait for hours or to start untangling electric cords.

Just like all other Black and Decker drills, this one is made of high-quality materials. It is also ergonomically designed. The handle is covered with a soft, anti-slip material that provides a comfortable, and tight grip and also reduces sweating.

Last but not least, this handy drill features an LED work light that illuminates the surface you are working on. This reduces the possibility of errors like drilling on the wrong spots. Moreover, it saves you from straining your eyes too much.


Even though this drill and driver delivers 115 lb of torque, this is still not enough for heavy duty drilling work. Using the LDX120C on heavy jobs such as drilling a large hole through granite or concrete walls might result to sparks and smoke. The drill is best suited for small jobs at home e.g. installing curtain rails, drilling tiny holes, or building a deck.

The positioning of the LED light also is not really good. It gets blocked by the drill’s underside when drilling or screwdriving in some angles.


Overall, it is a great drill if you are looking for something compact and pocket-friendly. It can be handled by both men and women, it can be used in tight spaces, and its torque can be adjusted to make it suitable for different tasks. On a lighter note, it is a brand product that is easily recognizable. You can boast to your friends about it.

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  • Wood, metal, plastic
  • 20V MAX
  • 11 Position Clutch
  • Variable Speed
  • Lithium Ion Technology

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