Neu Master NTC0040

Neu Master NTC0040 Electric Staple/Brad Nail Gun Review

The Neu Master NTC0040 is a powerful but affordable nail gun that is versatile and ideal for multiple uses. People get it for woodworking, home improvement, and for upholstery.

This nail gun is made by Neu Master, a Chinese multinational company renowned for its automated power tools and sensors.

What’s the price?

Compared to most nail guns, this one is way cheaper. The fact that it is affordable should not fool you into doubting its quality. This is because it is a great product made of quality and durable materials.

It can fire both brad nails and narrow crown staples. Each unit comes with 100 brad nails and 400 narrow crown staples to start you off.

Key Features

  • Each package includes the machine and one hundred brad nails
  • Powerful electric nailer and stapler
  • Ideal for roofing, home improvement, woodwork, and upholstery
  • Has a safety trigger design to minimize the likelihood of accidents
  • Jammed staples or nails can easily be removed
  • Has an ergonomic handle perfect for extended work
  • Uses a voltage of 120V (rated current 11A)
  • Can fire about 20 nail/ staple pieces per minute
  • Has an adjustable firing power to increase or reduce how deep fired nails go in


The NEU MASTER NTC0040 is a strong and powerful device perfect for both home use and work use. This is its main advantage over other devices. With it, you can effortlessly finish nailing work faster than with other similar devices. 

Another advantage is the fact that it is a versatile device. It can be used to fire various sizes of brad nails and various sizes of narrow crown staples. Thus, if you have heavy stapling work it will definitely come in handy.

It is also quite ergonomic. It handles is curved and overlaid with a soft material for a comfortable grip. This means you can use it on and on without quickly fatiguing.

One of the most outstanding features on this device and perhaps its best advantage is its safety feature. The Neu Master NTC0040 can only be fired if its safety lock is off and both fingers are on the trigger. This safety features significantly minimizes the risk of accidental firing.

Lastly, the Neu Master machine does not require tools to be unjammed or for power adjustment. So no need to spend money on extra tools to do the above-mentioned things.


Although this device has lots of power, some units have been known to jam frequently. This, however, was recently found out to be a problem with customers using the device wrongly (e.g. loading incompatible nails). Moreover, for some, it is not compact enough for easy storage.


This is a great nail gun that works really well. However, it only works well with compatible brad nails and staples. If wrong ones are inserted, the risk of jamming is very high. However, in the case of jamming, it can be unjammed without the use of any tools. The firing power can also be adjusted without the use of tools. We definitely love and we know most people will.

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Neu Master NTC0040 Rating


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  • Adjustable power design
  • No-MAR rubber tip
  • Soft and comfortable grip
  • Works with 1/4'' crown staple
  • Includes 1/4'' crown staple

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