Greenworks GPW1501

Greenworks GPW1501 Pressure Washer Review. 1500 PSI, 13 Amp, 1.2 GPM

The Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer is the ultimate surfaces restorer. At its maximum water pressure and flow rate, it can effortlessly blast through mud, grime, and dirt to restore your surfaces to almost what they looked like when they were new.

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The unit itself is small and compact; it weighs just about seventeen pounds. This makes it extremely portable and easy to move around.

This pressure washer has a 20ft long high-pressure hose and a 35ft long cord. The long hose, the long cord, and this device’s high portability enable users to easily move it around without needing to make many adjustments. This means faster and easier cleaning tasks. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why I bought it. This is because I have a long term back pain issue, and bending over every now and then to make adjustments is a problem for me. So I just wanted something that I could set one-time and get going and this one works like a dream for me.

About The Manufacturer

Founded in 2007, Greenworks is an American power tools company that is partly owned by the well-regarded STIHL Company. The fact that it partly owned by STIHL means you can expect kind of the same premium quality tools from them that you would expect from STIHL. From the very first time you will lay your eyes on the Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer, you will be confident that it is worth every dollar you will have spent on it.

Key Features

  • Well-designed to clean cars and remove grime from surfaces
  • Strong pressure washer (maximum: 1500 PSI)
  • Has a decent flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute
  • Extremely portable (weighs just 17 pounds and has an ergonomic handle)
  • Has a long hose measuring 20ft
  • Has a long and convenient power cord measuring 35ft
  • Comes with a connectable soap tank
  • Has two nozzles for different tasks


The most thrilling feature on this device is not actually a feature but its design. The Greenworks GPW1501 pressure washer features a compact and lightweight design. This design together with its long cord, long hose, and ergonomic handle, make it easy to effortlessly move the unit around for comprehensive cleaning. Its maximum maneuverability makes it perfect for a variety of cleaning jobs.

The pump and motor in this unit can provide a maximum pressure of 1500 PSI. This relatively high pressure and it is a great feature of this device. It is good enough for cleaning grime and restoring surfaces including walls, windows, driveways, and walkways. The pressure is perfect for cleaning and restoring car surfaces.

Unlike other devices that make a lot of noise when working, this one barely produces any sound.

Moreover, this device needs no gas or batteries. Users simply have to plug in its 35ft long power cord and they will be good to go.

Another one of this unit’s unique features is its soap applicator. It is the feature I like the most as I primarily use this pressure for cleaning my car. I just put some soap solution in the applicator and voila, I can foam my car quickly using the unit before rinsing it off using the high-pressure nozzle.


The max pressure on this thing could be a bit higher. But for the price, the max pressure of 1500 PSI is more than worth it.


This is a great high-powered device with the ability to produce decent pressure for washing cars and restoring surfaces. Its blast of water is good enough for even heavy duty tasks such as cleaning the undersides of many vehicles. It is also very light and compact, hence it is very portable. We recommend Greenworks GPW1501 for those looking for something simple and easy to use.

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Greenworks GPW1501 Review


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  • 1500 PSI at 1.2 GPM
  • 35 ft power cord
  • Soap applicator
  • 25° and 40° quick connect tip
  • 20 ft. high pressure hose

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