PowRyte Elite 2100

PowRyte Elite 2100 PSI Pressure Washer Review

The PowRyte Elite 2100 is a powerful and versatile pressure washer! It is the machine to buy for both light and heavy-duty cleaning jobs.

The power of this device is evident in its 2100 Psi maximum water pressure. This pressure is ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. It will quickly get rid of all the mud, oil, dirt, and grime on your vehicle or driveway.

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The high pressure is courtesy of the device’s powerful 13A motor and its wobble plate pump.

The PowRyte Elite 2100 versatility is courtesy of its multiple nozzles. The device comes with five nozzles of different sizes for different functions.

One of the things that makes this device superior to its competitors is its long 20ft hose and its even longer 35ft power cord. These long connectors, coupled with its big wheels, make it easy to move this pressure washer around your car, boat, or driveway for a thorough clean.

About The Manufacturer

This product is made by Powell Works, a multinational power tools manufacturing company with offices and facilities in the US, Australia, and China. The company has an annual turnover of over $20 million USD. This means that its products are very popular.

Powell Works prides itself as a “manufacturer of superior quality products”. We have not confirmed this about all its products but if the quality of the pressure washer is anything to go by then their claim is justified.

Key Features

  • Powerful pressure washer (maximum pressure 2100 Psi)
  • Strong water flow (maximum gallons per minute 1.8)
  • Fitted with a wobble plate pump
  • Powered by a universal motor
  • Has a relatively long hose length of 20 ft
  • Electric pressure washer with a long 35ft cord
  • Versatile machine with multiple spray nozzles for different functions
  • Portable design with large wheels for easy movement


PowRyte Elite 2100 is truly an elite machine. We say this because it delivers a very high pressure of 2100 Psi, which is good enough for heavy-duty cleaning jobs. At this adjustable pressure setting, you can use it to clean dirt, oil, mud, and even grime from your vehicle and your driveways.

The fact that this device comes with five separate nozzles makes it perfect for multiple uses. You can use the nozzles to change the shape of the spray for better coverage or effectiveness when using this washer.

Another unique feature is its auto shutoff system. This system is advantageous in the sense that it switches off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. This not only saves energy (and reduces your power bill) but also helps extend the pump life.

Lastly, this device has two long connectors; its hose is 20ft long, while its electric cord is 35ft long. This means that users can comfortably move it around even big vehicles for a complete cleaning job.


The only issue with this washer is that its gun holder does not sometimes hold it very well. The manufacturer could have obviously done a better job with its design.


The PowRyte Elite 2100 pressure washer is an elite machine with the ability to deliver high pressure that is perfect for heavy duty cleaning tasks. It can also deliver up to 1.8 gallons per minute and has five nozzles for different tasks. This means it is versatile enough for cleaning cars, driveways, windows, carpets, boats, and so on. This pressure washer is also intelligent enough in the sense that it shuts itself down when the trigger on the gun is released for a few minutes. This saves users money through lower energy costs. For these reasons, we recommend it.

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PowRyte Elite 2100 Review


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  • 1.80 GPM
  • 4 Quick-connect spray tips - 0º, 15°,25º, 45°
  • Total Stop System
  • 35 ft cord
  • 20 ft high pressure hose

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