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Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer Review

It’s true, there are many electric pressure washers in the market, but if you are looking for the best in terms of performance and efficiency, Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Medium Yellow, leads the pack in many ways.

It is powerful and highly dependable, with many users having little to nothing to complain about its functions and reliability. Several brands flaunt their products, however, before making the final decision to buy an electric pressure washer, consider great features that Stanley SHP2150 has to offer.

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Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer perfect Design

One of the qualities that stand this washer out is the fact that it comes in a unique design compared with its competitors. With a tested comprehensive motor and a powerful pressure washer pump rated at 2,150 PSI and it is tri-axial in nature, this enables it to blow up dirt, mold, dust, moss, and grime to show a clean appearance.

If you are looking for an effective pressure washer that can clean wooden surfaces like, desks, fences, doors, tables, and wooden chairs, then you are in the right place, Stanley SHP2150 cleans wood surfaces and leave it clean and bright without needing to scrap, sand, or paint.

When it comes to safety on concrete surfaces, there is no need to fear, because, it works perfectly on almost all concrete surfaces.

It is cool in when you want to use it on your cars as well, RVs, motorcycle, ATVs, and trucks, but the beauty of it, when used on these machines, is that it does the pressure washing in few minutes.

Well, it is not limited to cleaning cars, wooden surfaces, and concretes terraces, it good to clean garbage cans, lawn mowers, different sizes of pet cages and many more.

The secret of Stanley SHP2150 may be in its ergonomic pressure washer gun, the washer wand made of zinc steel, with a smart nozzle fitting that is quick to assemble and a garden hose adapter made from aluminum, the pressure hose is 25 foot long, soft and flexible but extremely powerful.

It comes with a power cord of 35′ in length equipped with GFCI that is auto-reset, 4 distinct quick-change pressure washer nozzles.

Product Features

•    Foam Cannon of high pressure (PW4620590)

•    Hose Adapter of Brass garden type (PW4221580)

•    Professional and stylish Spray Gun, Heavy duty type (PW4221420)

•    Spray wand made of zinc steel, with fast quick change release made of brass (PW3400960)

•    Gun Holster

•    Tray for Nozzle

•    35-foot cord with auto-reset GFCI plug.

•    High-pressure hose with M22 type connections, 25-foot length, soft flexible.

•    Replacement kits ( O-ring)

•    Fast connection Nozzle 0′- Red

•    Fast connection Nozzle 25′- Green

•    Fast connection Nozzle 15′- Yellow

•    Fast connection Nozzle 40′- White

•    Fast release cord hook

•    2-year warranty(limited)

•    Max PSI(2150)


•    Easy to carry, move around, and store

•    Relatively affordable and efficient

•    Lightweight and very compact

•    Time-saving as well as water saving

•    2-years limited warranty

•    Customer support( lifetime)


•    Can’t remove stubborn stains

•    Water pressure fluctuates between full pressure to normal pressure quickly, alternating from time to time.


In the class of entry-level electric pressure washer, the Stanley SHP2150 is an authority to reckon with. It’s quite affordable, yet offering great cleaning power. From its power rating, no doubt is not a heavy-duty pressure washer, but it is efficient to clean must dirt and stains.

It ergonomic nozzle means it is convenient to hold for a longer period of time without strains one’s wrist and its power consumption is nothing to fear because the power system is designed to optimize power.

It will not be fair if there is no comment on its physical looks, in terms of beauty and elegance. It is beautiful, stylish, sexy and flashy. It is a beauty to behold and owing one will definitely make the owner proud.


Stanley SHP2150, may not be a heavy-duty electric pressure washer, but it offers a good and competitive price, without compromising it main purpose of cleaning dirt and stains.

It may not be the best option if you want to clean tough stains, however, it is efficient in cleaning most stains that you are likely to come across when you are cleaning.

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  • 2150 PSI Cleaning Power

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