Eufy RoboVac 12 BoostIQ

Eufy RoboVac 12 BoostIQ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review

If you want a slimmer and more powerful robot cleaner, look no further than the eufy RoboVac 12.

Its super-thin 2.85” height enables it to move unhindered under tables, chairs, and sofa units for a thorough clean. While its super engine, with a max suction power of 1500Pa, ensures that all surfaces get a deep clean.

It is certainly a useful and reliable robot vacuum cleaner that most people would definitely fall in love with.

What’s the price?

About The Manufacturer

The RoboVac is made by eufy, a brand that is part of Anker Innovations, an American corporation that manufactures smart devices for homes, travel, and entertainment.

On its own, eufy is a leader in the robot vacuum cleaners industry. eufy has become a leader in the industry by making products based on customer needs and expectations.

Key Features And Functions

  • Each purchase comes with the unit, its charging base, its AC adapter, its remote control, its cleaning tool, extra cleaning filters, side brushes, and an operations manual
  • A super-thin 2.85” body that can get where other cleans can’t
  • A powerful 1500Pa strong suction capable of deeply cleaning all types of surfaces
  • Made to automatically boost suction power in areas where more power is needed
  • Can store enough power to vacuum for more than 90 minutes
  • Automatically goes back to recharge spot when battery is nearly dead
  • Not louder than a decent microwave (55dB)
  • Weighs 5.73 pounds
  • Has multiple cleaning modes for effective room coverage
  • Has a glass top that is tempered for protection
  • Inbuilt with one of the best obstacle-evading technologies


The eufy RoboVac 12 is arguably the world’s most innovative vacuum cleaner! This is because it is equipped with creative and upgraded features and functions you will not find in other similar robot vacuum cleaners.

First off, it comes with an engine that is capable of a max suction power of 1500Pa. This is a super strong suction force. A suction force that is capable of deeply cleaning most surfaces in such a way that you will easily feel and notice the difference.

This robot vacuum cleaner is also designed to deeply cleanmultiple surfaces automatically. There are two design modifications that make it possible. The first is the increase in the size of wheels that enable RoboVac 12 to climb over elevated surfaces, and to move effortlessly over challenging surfaces such as rugs and carpets.

The second modification is the addition of the “boost technology” that automatically increases suction power over surfaces that require more suction.

This robot cleaner is also made in such a way that it requires very little attention/ supervision. You can pre-set it to start cleaning your room at a scheduled time when you are away or you are doing other things.

The eufy 12 also has a superior obstacle-avoiding and drop-sensing technology that ensures it continues working efficiently while you do other things.

Moreover, unlike most robot cleaners that need to be taken to be picked up and taken to the charging spot, this one does so automatically. It senses when its battery is too low and moves back to the charging base by itself.

Every charge delivers 100 minutes of vacuuming power.

Lastly, this robot has a relatively large 0.6-liter dustbox that reduces the need to empty it frequently.


Generally, this is a very reliable device. Fewer customers have expressed dissatisfaction over it than over competing robot cleaners.

Two features were found wanting by customers. The first is that sometimes one has to get close to the device for the remote to work. This makes the eufy RoboVac 12 less automatic. However, considering that it is supremely automatic, this is not really an issue.

The second thing that a handful of customers have found an issue with is the noise level. Some units have gone berserk due to damage and started making higher sounds than the usual. Nevertheless, undamaged units are always super-quiet compared to other robot cleaners.


The eufy RoboVac 12 is a powerful and reliable robot vacuum cleaner. It requires very little attention and cleans most surfaces brilliantly. We definitely recommend it.

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Eufy RoboVac 12 Review


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  • A Quiet Clean
  • Super-Strong Suction
  • Triple-Filter System
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning
  • Large Dustbox

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