Things To Know Before You Buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Things To Know Before You Buy a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have the potential to make housework easier and quicker. For someone with a busy schedule, they can be the difference between a relaxing break and running around the house, maneuvering a bulky, heavy, loud piece of equipment around pieces of furniture. However, not all robotic vacuum cleaners are created equally and if you are interested in purchasing one, there are several factors you need to take into consideration.

Price Range

It is important to tentatively decide on your budget before you start shopping. Robotic vacuum cleaners can cost anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars, so it’s important to set some boundaries for yourself. Of course, if you find that you have severely underestimated the price of the model that you need, you may have to increase it.

Hardwood Or Carpet?

Hardwood floors are the ideal surface for robotic vacuum cleaners. If you find that you need a robotic vacuum cleaner that will also clean your carpets, you must look for a model that is able to transition between hardwood flooring and carpeting. Also take into account that the type of carpet will ultimately dictate the vacuum cleaner’s effectiveness.

Multi-Level Or One-Story?

Some robotic vacuum cleaners are made to be able to detect and maneuver up and down changes in elevation, whether it be in the form of a staircase or a simple raised platform. Other vacuum cleaners cannot and it would be unwise to use them in such a fashion. Thus, you need to decide in which capacity you will use it: one level only or multi-level.


Just like with people, robotic vacuum cleaners vary in intelligence. Some will mindlessly roll about the house, sweeping up dirt, but not able to distinguish levels of dirtiness, or tell where it has and has not cleaned. Other models are able to detect how dirty a surface is and adjust their cleaning time to match and even know when it has missed a spot in its cleaning routine.

Under Furniture?

Many people purchase robotic vacuum cleaners for the express purpose of cleaning underneath furniture. If this is your intention, you need to ensure that the model you select will fit under your furniture. If you have your furniture sitting on carpet, you may want to purchase a model that comes with a money-back option in case it cannot make it over the carpet and under the furniture.

Dustbin size

If you have a large house or a home that accumulates large amounts of dirt on a daily basis, you need to ensure that you select a model with a dustbin compartment large enough to hold all of the dirt accumulated from one complete cleaning, unless you fancy chasing a vacuum cleaner around the room.

Features To Look For In A Robotic Vacuum:

When it comes to shopping and comparing robotic vacuum cleaners, there are some key points to bear in mind. Aside from key features such as run and charge times, its available programmable modes, and other basic points that will be listed on the box, you should consider the following.

Look for how well it performs

Part of what indicates good performance is how well it handles power. If it has an extremely short run time, less than an hour, with charge time longer than four hours, it will not likely be very efficient. The best run and charge time ratio on the market is around 4 hours of operation with only 2 hours for recharging. Though most models only have an hour to 1.5 hours of run time and a variable recharge rate between 2 to 4 hours. One aspect that some may claim gives it a short run time is how powerful the vacuum motor is. This is often just a way to try and excuse poor power management design. You also want to be sure it has a system to help keep it from simply going over the same portion of the floor that is just cleaned a few minutes ago. There is little point in having one that cannot effectively spot clean and move on within the room or designated area.

Basic common sense design components

As a good robotic vacuum will be able to travel over many flooring types, it is important that the bottom has built in features that will prevent it from potentially scuffing or snagging. There is little use for a cleaning device that can potentially cause marks and tears. It should also have basic sensory abilities to prevent it from simply rolling over cliffs and taking potentially damaging falls, such as down stairs and steps. It should also be able to navigate without continuously bumping against walls for bearing, which could again lead to creating unsightly marks. The height of the model should also not be over 4 inches, as that is taller than the average under bed or couch area, which are spaces specifically targeted by good robotic vacuum cleaners.

It should also have features and support that match your needs

Bells and whistles are what robotic vacuum cleaners should excel in. Top models not only have indicators for their batteries, they will also be able to return to and re-dock themselves for charging. Things like bin fullness indicators, tracking, being easily programmable, and being able to maneuver itself logically and effectively are features that any good one should have. Things such as specialized brush heads for getting up pet hair, HEPA filters for allergy prone, and larger big capacities are particular features that many should look for as not all models will have them.

Aside from any other aspect to examine, consider the technical and customer support offered. If you have difficulty operating or getting clear assistance from the company it can have a major impact on your experience. Perfectly good vacuums often get lower reviewer ratings than their technical potential because they lack good customer support. Make sure that you purchase one from a company that stands by its product before and after the sale.

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