DEWALT DCN680B Brad Nailer Review

One can find a huge lineup of staplers and nailers in their local hardware store, but the DEWALT DCN680B will simply blow your mind. DEWALT boasts of an excellent collection of nailers, but this one is perhaps the best of them all. Here are a few pros and cons of the amazing 18 gauge Brad Nailer that lasts a long time.

What’s the price?


  • The brushless motor is not only powerful but efficient to ensure minimalistic use of the battery.
  • Although the device is battery powered, the brushless motor utilizes very little power, making it last a long time.
  • Compared to other nailers from DEWALT, DCN680B’s micro nose is enhanced with greater accuracy for nail placements.
  • The depth adjustment is tool-free that invariably allows a precise nail countersinking.
  • The nailer works at high speed and effortlessly shoots nails from 5/8” to 2-1/8”.
  • Driver blades can be reset without any hassles, thanks to the release lever in case of a stall.
  • Leaves no marks on the material.
  • Equipped with LED lights to provide illumination and better line of sight.
  • Jam release works beautifully in the event of a nail jam.
  • Belt hooks can be adjusted to the right or left, depending on your preference.
  • Allows you to choose between bump and sequential mode.
  • Is very sturdy and allows rough-handling.

The best part of using the DEWALT DCN680B is indeed the fact that you can choose between bump and sequential mode. In order to use the sequential mode, simply apply pressure on the nose against the work material and pull its trigger. Once the nail is shot, release trigger and repeat the same procedure on other locations. Remember that the nail will shoot every time the device’s tip touches the work surface.

If you’re working on something that calls for precision, use the sequential mode. It also provides a lot more force to bury fasteners. For flat surfaces, though, the bump mode works better and is comparatively faster with shorter fasteners. You can easily switch between the modes by sliding the switch at the base to the desired position. While the icon with the single nail turns on the sequential mode, the one with three nails provides shooting at a faster rate.

If you already own yellow batteries and tools, purchasing the DEWALT DCN680B is a wise decision since it is also available simply as a bare tool. The kit comes with a powerful 20V MAX 2.0 Ah battery and a DCB112 charger. You also get a bag to store everything.


  • The device is a little heavy to handle.
  • The window to view nails is pretty small.


DEWALT DCN680B seems a little heavy, but considering that it requires a lot of power to fire nail rounds with precision, it is expected. It doesn’t come with any nails, though, so you’re on your own there. The best part of the machine is the lockout feature that prevents dry firing. When you forget to fill nails, the machine gets locked out and stops firing until you load more nails, making it a great feature. Firing without nails leaves a bad impression on the work surface, but the lockout feature prevents that.

The fact that it is portable makes it a huge asset. Also, considering the price, this beast is simply a no-brainer. So, all in all, DEWALT has simply nailed it with this one!

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  • LED indicator
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 20 volts
  • Nominal voltage - 18

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